About Us

Over forty years ago, our mom and dad started making English Toffee from a handed-down recipe. They gave it to friends and family as gifts for holidays, housewarmings, birthdays, hostess gifts, and other special occasions.

Through the years, the list of people who requested their toffee grew and grew. In fact, they started thinking that they were only invited to parties because the host really wanted their toffee.

As time went by, they taught their three daughters how to make it. Their daughters also gave it as gifts for every special occasion. Their friends would say, "This stuff is fantastic, you've just got to sell it!"

So, here we are, forty plus years later, bringing this great toffee to you, made from the finest ingredients. Our name is "Elaine's Toffee Co." as a tribute to our mom. We hope you enjoy our toffee as much as our friends and family do.